Crew Picks — Jimmy Gately

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My favorite piece of equipment in our shop would have to be the GrandMA 2 lighting consoles. These consoles provide the right tools and means to design shows of any size. Although this is not the console that I had first learned on, It is the console that I have the most experience and feel the most comfortable with. I really like the fact that the software is constantly updated, growing, and adapting with the technical changes in our industry, such as the new bit mapping features. Whether I’m programming for Theatre, concerts, or corporate events these consoles allow me to bring my visions to life.

I personally like being able to visualize and pre-program my show, and GrandMA 3D is my goto for this. I am able to sit at my computer, in the comfort of my own home, and design shows. Then, when show time comes I am able to walk up to an actual console and just load my showfile. While other softwares ofter this feature, the GrandMA platform offers this for free and is the easiest visualizer I have used.

Another great thing about the MA platform is the range of different console sizes and their ability to work together. I personally own an MA 2 port node, and this hardware allows me to travel to small gigs, with just my laptop and node. With a full 2 universes of output, I am able to bring the same powerful functionality of a full size console, within my backpack.