Meet the Crew — Sophia Green

Meet the Crew

This month’s “Meet the Crew” post is about Sophia Green, ILC’s Logistics Coordinator.

Adam Meet the Crew“I came to ILC for a Logistics Coordinator role after being in carrier sales for 9 years. ILC actually used to be one of my clients– I moved freight for ILC and now I make sure ILC freight gets moved.

Here at ILC I handle everything logistics related–from small packages, local runs that our drivers handle, to tradeshows. I also manage sub-rentals and some purchasing.

Before coming to ILC, I had no idea of the level of commitment, details and dedication it takes to pull some of these productions off. For 2 years in a row I’ve been able to witness Morton Arboretum’s “Illumination” show come to life. Knowing that I played a small role in it still amazes me.

I look forward to the upcoming challenges as we strive to continue to grow as a company. I couldn’t ask for a better seat for this ride. Did I mention that I love my team? Lol!”