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Certificate of Insurance GuidelinesIntelligent Lighting Creations, Inc. requires that renters provided their own insurance to cover the replacement values of the equipment rented for all loss and damage. A certificate naming Intelligent Lighting Creations, Inc. as additional insured and loss payee must be made available prior to release of any equipment. If you plan on renting throughout the year, please provide us with a valid certificate that we will keep on file. Expired certificates will need to be updated prior to release of any equipment after the expiration date of the certificate.Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.Sincerely,Intelligent Lighting Creations, Inc.Please have your insurance provider forward your valid certificate naming Intelligent Lighting Creations, Inc. as additional insured and loss payee.E-Mail to:Intelligent Lighting Creations, Inc.2461 East Oakton StreetArlington Heights, Illinois 60005Phone: 847.933.9792Fax: 847.933.9794insurance@ilc.comInsurance Requirements:The lessee agrees to pay rental price for equipment rented. Should said equipment, or any part thereof, be lost, damaged, or destroyed by fire, casualty of any kind, act of god or their act or accident, lessee agrees to pay the full replacement value, or in the event of damage, the lessee agrees to pay the accrued rental plus the cost of repairs. Rent shall be due whether or not such a loss has occurred. Obligation to pay shall only cease at point of payment for all losses suffered by lessor.Lessee at it’s own expense, agrees to furnish lessor with Certificate of Insurance prior to release of equipment, with coverage as follows:

EQUIPMENTMiscellaneous equipment coverage: Minimums shall vary according to the value of the total equipment rented, and shall not be less than full replacement value of all equipment rented. Coverage to include all listed equipment for all risk perils, and contain a loss payee clause endorsement stated as follows:It is understood and agreed that the certificate holder is recognized as LOSS PAYEE as respects to replacement value of rented equipment and that said policy is primary and not in excess of, or contrary to, any other insurance provided for the benefit of, or by, the certificate holder.LIABILITYGeneral liability coverage: Minimum of $1,000,000 combined single limits, bodily injury and property damage, is to be maintained for the term of the rental. Intelligent Lighting Creations, Inc. is to be named ADDITIONAL INSURED, as respects to the rental of the equipment during the term of the rental agreement.VALUELessee agrees to and does hereby indemnify lessor and hold lessor, it’s agents and employees harmless of and from any and all losses, damages, claims, demands of liability of any kind or nature whatsoever, including legal expenses, arising from the use, condition, (including without limitation latent and other defects) or operation of the equipment rented, and whosoever used or operated during the term hereof. This indemnification shall continue in full force and effect during and after term of this rental for cause arising during the term of this rental.Intelligent Lighting Creations, Inc. is in no way responsible for any liabilities, claims, cost, or expenses arising out of the use or possession of its equipment. Our equipment is available for testing and inspection at the time of pick up.

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