Lighting turns a great event into an exceptional event. Well produced lighting systems not only provide function and beauty but also help communicate branding and messaging. Events with exceptional lighting create the right atmosphere and compliment other production elements. When executed well, lighting systems disappear into the production and become an element that’s experienced, not focused on by the audience. When putting together a production, it is critical and a wise decision, to work with an experienced lighting company.

Intelligent Lighting Creations (ILC) has over 20 years of experience in designing and delivering extraordinary lighting systems to productions and events around the country. Combined with our extensive inventory of lighting technology products and related services, ILC is ready to partner with you to implement professional lighting at your next event. Our services include:

• Event Consultation
• Design
• Project Management
• Event Preparation
• Visualization Services
• Project Labor
• Setup, Operation and Dismantle
• Logistics

Working with ILC is working with a partner who meticulously plans and executes lighting specifically for your event. Our team of experienced project managers, designers, electricians and logistic planners consider every factor for the production of your event and deliver within scope, schedule and budget. ILC’s production team can provide or work with established lighting designers or technical directors.

Our equipment is carefully maintained to ensure proper function on the event site and ILC’s project managers work to build redundancy into the system in appropriate places. ILC has one of the largest inventories of intelligent lighting equipment in the Midwest — we have the people and gear you need to bring together world class lighting systems. In addition, ILC works with numerous partners to provide other elements of a production such as audio, video, scenery, automation and specialized rigging. ILC employs ETCP (Entertainment Technician Certification Program) lighting technicians and riggers to ensure safety and technical success.