When it comes to successful lighting productions, ILC has been there and lit that all over the country. Talk to us for your next outdoor or indoor production.

Contact ILC for:

  • Concept and lighting design
  • Collaboration with lighting designers or design firms
  • Turnkey project management
  • Shop preparation
  • Pre-rigged truss loading and support
  • Logistics
  • Programming and site technical support
  • Media engineering

Exhibit Lighting

Some of the best designers and brands trust ILC to transform a trade show exhibit into a powerful brand experience. Talk to us for lighting, rigging, special effects equipment and project management.

Special Events

Before the event ever happens you know it’s going to be exceptional. That’s the confidence ILC brings. We have lit intimate gatherings and important events for civic and world leaders.

Outdoor Events

You can’t control the elements. But you can control the lighting. ILC professionals provide remarkable outdoor lighting systems that perform through heat, rain, snow and sleet.

Live Entertainment

From music legends to local theatre performances, lighting sets the stage. Behind the scenes, ILC brings together the right equipment, experience and crew for the artists and venue.


When the moment is important, so is the lighting. ILC will bring the right emphasis to your presenters, new product introductions, client sessions or any important corporate event.

Time To Shine