ET Bak Pak Dimmer

The Bak Pak dimming module provides the performance and energy-efficient advantages of
Intelligent Power System (IPS) dimmer technology in a compact, light-weight design. Like
other products in the IPS series, the Bak Pak module utilizes state-of-the art Insulated Gate
Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) technology, which provides significant performance enhancements
over other conventional dimming equipment. IPS dimmers are completely solid-state, enabling
silent operation at 800 microseconds in either forward or reverse phase control, which
minimizes lamp, ballast and transformer noise. The Bak Pak module supports LOW HARM
mode, which controls harmonic neutral currents for extremely quiet operation and low neutral
harmonics. As well, every IPS dimmer has an on-board intelligent microprocessor, which
adjusts and maintains proper voltage and current in response to changes detected in the load
and electrical service. The microprocessor automatically suppresses surges, protects against
dead shorts, and extends lamp life.
The 750 watt and 1200 watt versions can be easily identified by the label applied to the
underside of the module or the label next to the Focus button.

Weight 6 lbs
Number of Dimmers


Rise Time

600 or 400 μs

Over-current Protection



1x 5-15

Wattage Per Dimmer

1200 W


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