SHoW DMX Neo Transceiver and Receiver

City Theatrical was an early adopter of wireless DMX distribution with our award-winning WDS
system. We realized the next generation of wireless DMX equipment needed to be customtailored to meet the specific requirements of a wireless DMX system, so in 2008 we launched
SHoW DMX®, a purpose-built radio system with many advanced features that were specifically
designed just to broadcast and receive DMX/RDM data.
Today, as the wireless DMX world has expanded, new conditions and challenges have
emerged, and CTI’s continuous research and development has produced SHoW DMX Neo™, a
new generation of purpose-built wireless SHoW DMX® technology that builds on the features of
SHoW DMX with a whole new suite of additional features that provide even more tools for
creating a wireless DMX system that is flexible, accurate, reliable, and plays well with others!

Weight 2 lbs
Number of Channels


External Displays




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